Handmade By To Be Admired

It began as a concept in 2009 after I completed a silver-smith course & fell in love with working the metal. Initially more of a hobby, it became a real living breathing business in early 2017 after I discovered resin whilst feeding my baby one night. He’d long finished & fallen asleep whilst I sat up into the night researching & learning about this wonderful substance & all the funky things I could do with it. Of course everyone has their own stamp too & I like to think I’m the only person doing some of the things I do with resin –I haven’t seen anyone else doing these aspects yet so maybe….

Mostly, I work with resin for DNA keepsake jewellery, silver for unique creations & fusions of both for fantastical creations.

I can’t stop my fascination with discovering & experimenting though so other random pieces do pop up. If you feel like it, feel free to comment or message me to tell me how wonderful something is, just for the sake of it, or simply tell me you think it’s crap.

Thankyou for reading, I get a nice buzz when I think someone has appreciated all the work I put into writing this, & a bigger one if I know you smiled.


Choose Your Piece

Ring? Cufflinks? Breastmilk? Pet fur? Use the shop to choose which piece you want & see the options available for each type listed there. Choose your inclusion, choose your colours, glitters, flakes. Add these details to the Notes box when ordering or send an email with your preferences. Get excited!

Send Me Your Inclusion

After checkout you will receive an email with details of where to send your inclusion. Pop it in the post & do a jig.

Handmade for You

On receipt of your inclusion, the fun begins. I will prepare your inclusion & start creating. Within 6-8 weeks, your finished piece will be winging it’s way to you (if you need your item sooner, please contact me before ordering). This is where the postman becomes your best friend!.

About Me

I am HandmadeByToBeAdmired. I am a mum, a double mum to 2 wonderful, handsome, energetic boys. I am a wife. I am cook, cleaner, gardener, fixer, washer, shopper, household secretary, provider, cuddler, dog-walker. I am there for my family. I am also me.

Women, especially mums, are amazing powerful people & we can, we CAN anything we want.

I came up with a simple phrase many years ago “If you can imagine it, you can create it”. Turns out William Arthur Ward beat me to it, but I’ll let him off.

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Somerset in a sun-kissed house & have a custom-built workshop corner in our games room where I create all my works of art. I don’t employ anyone else to do any parts of the business for me so everything is personal. If you’re messaging me, it will be me talking to you.

Please bear that in mind at busy times & school holidays!